Traffic barriers are also called crash barriers which help keep vehicles within their roadway dangerous obstacles such as boulders, buildings, walls or large storm drains. Traffic barriers are also installed at the road side to prevent errant vehicles from traversing steep (non-recoverable) slopes or entering deep water. Traffic barriers are installed within medians of divided highways to prevent errant vehicles from entering the opposing carriageway of traffic and help to reduce head-on collisions. Some of these barriers, designed to be struck from either side, are called median barriers. Crash barriers can also be used to protect vulnerable areas like school yards, pedestrian zones or fuel tanks from errant vehicles.

While barriers are normally designed to minimize injury to vehicle occupants, injuries do occur in collisions with traffic barriers. They should only be installed where a collision with the barrier is likely to be less severe than a collision with the hazard behind it. Where possible, it is preferable to remove, relocate or modify a hazard, rather than shield it with a barrier. To make sure they are safe and effective, traffic barriers undergo extensive simulated and full scale crash testing before they are approved for general use. While crash testing cannot replicate every potential manner of impact, testing programs are designed to determine the performance limits of traffic barriers and provide an adequate level of protection to road users.

Metal Crash Barriers are an effective road safety measure to protect a vehicle and its occupants in case of an accident. It also serves as a good visual guide during the night time. NF Forgings thus made 'road safety' its priority. Since then, it has been manufacturing metal crash barriers for various projects. Our products conform to both international and national standards like MOST, AASHTO M 180 and EN 1317-1 AND 2, and are NHAI certified. We have been the first choice for many well-known infrastructure companies in private as well as public sectors. We provide end-to-end solution-from manufacturing to installation.

Features of Crash Barriers

  • Our metal crash barriers are cost-effective. The installation is hassle-free and can be repaired without much trouble.
  • As per the buyer requirements, we can customize them.
  • Our crash barriers are hot dip galvanized components thus ensuring longer life to the crash barriers.

Types of Metal Crash Barriers

  • Single faced Single Barrier
  • Single faced Double Barrier
  • Double faced single Barrier
  • Double faced Double Barrier

Standard Dimensions of Sections are given bellow:

W BEAM 4318 312 3/2.67
POST 150 75 5/4.2
SPACER 150 75 5/4.2
  • All the above sections are cold rolled formed steel sections and hot dip galvanized to 550 gms/sqm.
  • Raw material used in manufacturing these sections conform to IS 5986 Grade Fe 360/Fe 410, IS 10748 Grade II or equivalent.
  • Fish tail beams and base plates are supplied as per the customers' requirements.