HR Philosophy

We at N F FORGINGS PVT LTD believe that people of an organization create its success.

HR Philosophy is not mainly about Human Resources activities. It is more about the leadership style of the top management, the current corporate culture and values. It is about the vision of the leader of the organization. The modern leader usually requires a modern HR Management approach and builds the environment suitable for the evolution of the modern HR Management. This is the HR Philosophy behind the scene.

The main factors influencing the HR philosophy in the organization

We also believe that Managers are responsible and accountable for their decisions and we provide information and resources to support them to make the right decision at the right time. Employees are responsible for their own achievements and we provide information and resources to help them reach their goals. Ethical behavior, critical thinking and adherence to organizational standards are the most important components of the HR philosophy.

An organization is effectively successful when:

  • The members articulate a clear and compelling vision and model integrity accountability and innovative thinking.
  • An organization employs high-quality and committed individuals whose actions and performances are consistent with organizational needs and values.
  • The organization's team knows exactly as to what is expected of them.
  • Diverse perspectives and experiences are sought and valued.
  • Its members are empowered to make decisions and take calculated risks.

People must be supported by the organization to nurture success. All jobs have inherent dignity and contribute to self-worth. Our primary job is to provide quality service. Honesty and fairness are cornerstones in all interactions and decisions.

We discover the needs and expectations of our customers. Our processes and services focus on those needs and expectations. We measure how good we are at satisfying our customers. We continually seek to improve our services and processes. We provide the right services at the right time. Our services add value. We design processes that are easy to use and understand.